At first I trapped the moon in the pond.
Then laughed to see its light
Washing over ten directions.

Buddha-dharma, the teaching of all the Buddhas, calls us to be active in the spread and support of the Dharma and to the lives of all beings. As our Dharma 'grand-father', Dengyo daishi, expresses it - "light up your corner". RMS takes its inspirtion from this in stating its own motto: "Open up and serve".

We are guided by this set of vows and precepts.

How are we supported?

In the spirit of Buddhadharma, there are no fees to attend any practice session. We are supported by the dana (generosity) of participants and friends. We provide a Dana Box in the entrance.
Those who plan to be regular attendees can ask for a named Dana Envelope. These donations will be tracked and a charitable receipt will be issued at year end.

For practice session we suggest $5.00 per visit or $40.00 month. For our monthly Mahasangha, we suggest an additional $7.00.

For special events such as retreats or annual celebrations we suggest dana which reflects our costs.

Who do we support?

Through our national organization, Tendai Canada, we support the efforts of our parent organization, The Tendai Buddhist Institute .

We have further identified both an international service organization... .

...and a national dharma-based cause to support in this year.

More locally, we have identified several beneficiaries as our precept activity.

We encourage your donations and are pleased to pass them on to any these community services.

How you can help?

You may donate directly at these links:


~ om namu amida butsu