We can't fall off this Earth.
Each breath, each step, each moment
Traces Amida's gentle smile.

The teachings of Buddhism are more about practice than theological concepts. The Buddha, Shakyamuni, in his Eight Steps to End Suffering, points us to apply wholesome effort to engage in wholesome actions. These are based on correct views and supported by complete mindfulness and awareness.

RMS provides instruction and opportunity in a range of Buddhist practices. In our effort to support both beginning and more experienced practitioners, we emphasize different practices across our Schedule

Participants are encouraged to choose sessions which meet their needs. Whatever session you attend, you always have the option of participating or observing as you prefer.

During indoor practice sessions, we provide mats, cushions, benches and chairs to accomodate the needs of all participants. You can also bring your own cushion or bench as you need.

Practices include:

  • mindful walking, indoor (kinhin) and outdoor (kokorodo); circumambulation-chanting

  • open awareness meditation (shikan)

  • contemplation

  • cultivating mindfulness (vipassana)

  • chanting and recitation practices; nembutsu practices

  • bowing practices

In addition Innen,our Sangha priest, will lead authentic Tendai Re-Dedication services as part of weekly practice cycle.

It is fundamental to Buddhist teaching, as prescribed in the Brahma Net Sutra (Secondary Precept No. 17), that Dharma be offered without exacting financial or other compensation. Consequently, all the practice activities and all public events are offered freely to our community. We welcome donations, and suggested amounts are posted for each event.

For some retreats, we will suggest a higher donation to cover associated expenses.


Buddhadharma is not an exclusive club nor does it limit those who can practice. We welcome anyone who has a sincere interest in sharing practice or community with us. Those with religious or spiritual committments elsewhere, be they other faiths or other Buddhist schools, are welcome and may practice in whatever manner they chose, provided it does not distract the practice of others.

Ours is not a debating environment nor a platform for non-Buddhist presentations. We ask those who attend to hold themselves open to what is being taught and shared.

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We also host regular half-day workshops called Entering the Dharma Path. This a late Saturday morning event which introduces Buddhist teaching and provides an introduction to the Tendai school. There is a period of guided practice and discussion, a period of practice, and informal socializing with light refreshments.

Details for any current events are here

Practice Retreats

These intensive 1/2 - full day practice and learning sessions are offered, one per Season (as possible). They include various practices built on a theme and are open to all. newcomers should discuss with Innen ahead of time.

Details for any current events are here

Annual Celebrations:

In each Season we offer public celebrations of important Buddhist dates.

Dates and details are here

Annual Pilgrimage Walk: In October we host a day of walking practice. This usually follows the nearby K and P Trail and includes time for shared reflection and conversation. Polite dogs are welcome.

For the most current information, check the RMS Leaflet Blog.


~ om namu amida butsu