Pink granite arches, gives birth to a pond,
Rain drops delight: falling, filling, bubbling,
Rising back to an endless sky.

INNEN, doshu

Rev. Innen Ray Parchelo has studied and practiced Buddhism for over 40 years and acts as both the Dharma Instructor to the Red Maple Sangha and National Director of Tendai Canada. He began his formal dharma practice in 1974 and has been a member of several Buddhist centres, including The Montreal Zen Centre, The Rochester Zen Centre and the White Wind Zen Community. He worked in Sri Lanka in 1980 with the Buddhist development group, Sarvodaya Shramadana, and had a short period in a Theravada monastery. He has done training with Pure Land teacher, Dharmavidya David Brazier of the Amida Trust. He first took refuge in 1994 and received his Dharma-name, Innen.

In 2002, Innen founded the first permanent rural Buddhist practice environment in the Upper Ottawa Valley, the first in the Eastern Ontario region.( For more on RMS History). He functioned as kanin (administrator) to ensure a regular and appropriate practice environment, to maintain a resource room and sustain forms which allow practitioners to strengthen their practice and the sangha.

In 2008, he renewed his refuge-taking and became a student of Tendai priest, Ven. Monshin Paul Naamon. He began formal ordination training and, in 2010, was appointed as a Tendai priest or doshu.

Although he does not accept formal students, Innen offers informal individual practice instruction and interviews for those new to their practice.

He has a B.A., Hon. in Comparative Religion (Carleton Univ.), an MSW (Carleton SSW) with his thesis on the use of meditation in social work groups, a Certificate of Buddhist Psychology (Amida Trust) and is a Certified Mindfulness Professional ( University of Toronto).

Innen is an accomplished writer and speaker in the Buddhist field. In 2012 he published Walk Like A Mountain: The Handbook of Buddhist Walking Practice (Sumeru Books). For more on this, visit

Innen has published general and scholarly articles on dharma topics and has presented at international conferences. He is a contributor to the Ottawa Citizen's Ask the Religion Experts column. (To view past columns click here) He delivers the RMS introductory workshops, Entering the Dharma Path, and is available to speak on Dharma or the RMS to local groups.

Innen is a clinical social work therapist and community developer and has lived and worked in the Ottawa Valley since 1975. He regularly uses mindfulness techniques, Morita and Naikan therapies and Buddhist concepts in his social work sessions. He has received extensive training in the clinical use of meditation techniques in a social work setting and regularly leads mindfulness-based group programs.


Of special note is Innen's wife, Ven. Tenjin Judy LeClair, who was formerly an ordained Zen monk. Her primary practice at Red Maple is to act as tenzo, the individual, who assures proper 'care and feeding' of the members of the community during all gatherings. She supervises and maintains the RM Centre's gardens, especially the vegetable garden.

Tenjin also has her MSW and is clinical social worker who currently works in the Petawawa area. She is a certified Constructive Living Instructor and has lead workshops on Morita and Naikan practices.


Anyone who visits the Red Maple Centre will meet our three resident Havanese dogs, Joshu, Annie-B and Bella. While not formal students of any recognizable Dharma path or teacher, they both provide daily instruction and inspiration in living in the present moment. They exemplify the paramitas of metta or loving kindness, muditha or empathetic joy and upeksha or equanimity.

The Havanese breed is known for its high energy, loyalty and friendliness. Our three roam freely on the property and pose no risk to any visitor, apart from excessive affection and a loud announcement of any visitors. Havanese are non-shedding and their coat is hypo-allergenic, so those with allergies or asthma need not be concerned over contact. All are neutered and always up-to-date with all shots and protective treatments.


~ om namu amida butsu