Sitting, walking, chanting,
Dishes, sweeping, raking,
Is there no end to this practice?

Our teaching reminds us that Dharma practice is not something we do in a closed room at a defined time. Practicing the Dharma occurs with every breath and through every action. At Red Maple we promote both formal and informal practice.

Our zendo (practice hall) provides space and materials for those who wishes to engage in formal practice in an authentic and continuing sangha,(Buddhist congregation). While we emphasize the Tendai style, we encourage each participant to decide what type of practice is appropriate to them.

All formal RMS Dharma Practice sessions use forms based on traditional Tendai Buddhist forms, modified to harmonize with our practice spaces, the experience of practitoners and which provide consistency, dignity and formality to practice periods.Our forms are taught during the Entering the Dharma Path workshop or in a private introduction provided by Innen doshu


Saturday Morning Format

Saturday practice sessions include rounds of alternate sitting and walking, and followed by a general discussion and occasional presentations by Innen. The Practice Hall is arranged in traditional style of rows, facing out.
Cushions, mats and benches are available, but practitioners are welcome to bring their own as well. Chairs can be used as necessary.
We prefer newcomers contact us in advance. Those dropping-in may be asked to sit as observers for their first session.

NOTE: ALL Practice sessions start at 9.00 AM at the named site. In pembroke, we usually need to manage the door, which we do until 9.00. We regret that late arrivers may be unable to enter.

Saturday practice follows this monthly cycle:

Week 1: Walking the Way (Red Maple, Renfrew)
A practice composed of a 20 minute round of sitting meditation, followed by a second 20 minutes of a walking practice, outdoors, where possible and concluded with a beginner-level discussion.

Week 2: Beginner's Mind (Heart of Whitewater, Pembroke)
A practice composed of two 20 minute rounds of sitting meditation, divided by 10 minutes of walking practice and concluded with a beginner-level discussion.

These sessions are ideal for those new to practice and those who want to develop their understanding of Buddhadharma.

Week 3: Rededication Saturday (Red Maple, Renfrew)
On the 3rd Saturday, our a monthly gathering of all our members and friends, combines formal Buddhist rededication service

Rededication is usually held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. A theme is set for the program and this is explored in a dharma talk. Practice includes a formal Tendai repentance service, chanting, walking, sitting and a Dharma talk.

For the months of January (New Year), May (Vesak), September (RMS Anniversary) and November (Annual Memorial) we retire to the house for a vegetarian brunch following the service. In the other 8 months, we remain in the zendo and hold an oryoki (mindful eating) practice.

Old and new friends, observer guests and friends are welcome to either or both parts of the event.

Week 4: Contemplative Walking (Heart of Whitewater, Pembroke)
Practice takes the form of a a short set of qi-gong/ eight Pieces of Brocade, 10 minutes of indoor walking, 10 minutes of sitting and an extended walking exercise, in or outdoors.

Practice Attire

To help us maintain a suitable quality of attention and dignity in the Practice Hall, please observe a certain formality of dress. This means dark (preferably black) below the waist and light (preferably white) above. Clothes with images, text, logos or extreme patterns are a distraction during practice and should be avoided. Socks (preferably white or plain light) are preferred, and during winter, very desirable.

We ask you to avoid strong scents and elaborate jewelry. You may wear practice jackets, such as gi or jubon; mala or nenju (meditation beads) and, for those who have taken formal refuge, a kesa, as authorised by their teacher.

Personal items, such as bags and water bottles can be safely left outside the Zendo or in the house.

Depending on the season, practitioners may like to wear extra sweaters or shawls. In warm weather we ask all to refrain from shorts, tank-tops and such casual clothing.

For the public parts of Mahasangha in the dining room, visitors and guests sharing brunch need not make any special clothing adjustments.

Practice Leadership

The RMS is a lay sangha open to all, and the home sangha for Tendai Canada. We have no resident teacher, although we benefit from the experience and knowledge of sangha-founder, Innen doshu. Some members will have taken precepts (jukai) with and be students of Monshin sensei, the founder of North American Tendai, or other teachers. Many participants have valuable prior experience.

RMS Founder Rev. Innen Parchelo provides leadership in practice and introductory dharma instruction to individuals and the sangha, as a whole. We encourage open discussion of perspectives and practice experience with each other.

Those practicing forms taught by a previous or distant teacher or drawn from a non-Buddhist tradition are welcome to attend the RMS practices, provided their practice harmonizes with the practice of the RMS forms.

For more questions related to practice

To read our Position on Teachers and Traditions


~ om namu amida butsu