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We invite your interest and are pleased to answer these or other questions.

Common Questions
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Questions and Answers

What is happening at RMS this week?

We post the weekly and monthly schedules on The Red Maple Leaflet our blog.
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How far is it to your centre?

We are 5 km from downtown Renfrew, 20 minutes from Arnprior or Eganville; 45 minutes from Pembroke, Ottawa West or Killaloe. There is lots of parking at the Centre. The roads are well maintained all year round. Contact us for directions.

What do you do in practice time?

We have a simple informal format on weeks 1,2 and 4, using walking and sitting. We usually serve light refreshments following the service.. The monthly ReDedication Service and Friednship Brunch is a longer, more formal Tendai service.

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Do you teach meditation and can I just do that?

We offer instruction in traditional Buddhist forms of meditation, both insight or mindfulness practice (vipassana) and concentration (shamatha). All services include some time for meditation.

Our practice style includes many different forms of practice, and each participant can choose to engage in these as they wish. For those who prefer meditation practice only, we provide Beginner's Mind sessions on every 1st,2nd and 4th Saturday.

How long do you sit?

When we do meditation practice, we sit between 15-20 minutes.

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Do I need to dress in a special way?

The simple answer is "no". We ask people to dress in clean, non-distracting and dignified clothiing.

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What if I can't sit on a cushion or on the floor?

Everyone's body is different and each of us will find a posture that maiximizes practice benefits. Sitting on a cushion or on the floor is not required. Benches and chairs are acceptable. What matters is the quality of the mind, the body will reflect and support that.

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Do I have to pay anything to attend?

All the practice activities and all public events are offered freely to our community. We welcome donations, and suggested amounts are posted for each event

For some retreats, we will ask for a higher donation to cover associated expenses.

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Can Christians or people from other religions attend?

Our style, Tendai, is open to many forms of practice and we include devotional practices that Christians would recognize. We see many similarities between certain forms of Christian worship and our practice. We welcome anyone who has a sincere interest in sharing practice or community with us, no matter where they assign their faith.

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Do I have to do the bowing or rituals?

Bowing and prostration practices are often the most problematic for Western people. These actions facilitate awareness of the body, promote humility and provide a means of demonstrating respect.

Some practice session include types of bowing practice, chanting and other activities which we may call rituals. All who practice are free to participate as they decide fits with their intentions and physical capacities. No one is required to do any particular practice. We expect all will practice in a manner which does not distract the practice otf others.

First time participants can take a chair at the back of the practice space and observe if they prefer.

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Do you do yoga or martial arts?

Yoga, martial arts, including tai chi, often use Buddhist style meditation and there are similarities between them and our meditation style. We do not teach any yoga, tai chi or any martial arts practices. We do not equate any competence in other disciplines with earned Buddhist authorization.

What is Tendai Buddhism?

Tendai is the earliest form of Japanese Buddhist practice. It is the starting point for all other Japanese schools, including Japanese Zen, Shingon Jodo, Shinran and Nichiren.

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Where can I learn about Buddhism?

There are huge numbers of Buddhist websites and print resources. For general information we recommend .

For more on Tendai, we recommend . There is also a link here which directs you to an English language online Buddhism class hosted by Ven. Shomon Pia Trans, the head of the Danish Tendai Sangha.

For more on Canadian dharma, we recommend Buddhism in Canada. For more on Ottawa Region Dharma grooups, we recommend this site

We would be happy to answer any e-mail or telephopne request for resource advice.

Can I receive your monthly newsletter?

Yes, you can recieve it by e-mail. Contact us and leave your address. The newsletter, Mokugyo, is also available online

Is there a Tendai group closer to Ottawa?

Unfortunately there are no groups in Ottawa.

Can you perform ceremonies like blessings, weddings or memorials? Can I do jukai (going for refuge)?

Rev. Parchelo is authorised to do Buddhist ceremonies such as memorials, blessings. He can perform a marriage celebration, but is not licensed to perform the legal aspects. He can arrange for someone to do this if necessary.

He has been authorised to perform the jukai ceremony, the traditional 'going for regue' which formalises one's practicing the Buddha-way.


Can I get authorised, empowered or certified in any practices?

Innen doshu and Tendai, in general do not offer a curriculum or individual certification, empowerment or authorization events.

As individuals advance in Tendai training, they reeceive direct transmission of practice forms, such as goshimbo, mandala and goma from their teacher.

For more on this contact Ven. MonshiNaamon at


~ om namu amida butsu