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What is Walk Like A Mountain?

The Book

Walk Like A Mountain is a trail-blazing new book from Buddhist teacher and practitioner, Innen Ray Parchelo. This exciting book is now available online through numerous distributors It will be available in both print paperback and e-book formats.

Walk Like A Mountain expresses Parchelo's passion for the many forms of Buddhist walking practice, from the slow pace of indoor kinhin to adventure of open-road walking, such as kokorodo and pilgrimage. Innen writes:

This book is about the journey, and takes the form of a journey. Every journey, no matter the length, purpose or mode of travel is a transition, a rite of passage, a transition ritual. ...Within the journey on which we are embarking are three parallel journeys.

  • The first is the unfolding journey of walking in Buddhist history and practice. We'll join Shakyamuni, Bodhidharma, Jizo-bosatsu and countless others who unfolded the Dharma step by step.
  • The second journey is our own journey of practicing walking. We explore how we can introduce foot-body-mind practices into the collection of practices which guide our own spiritual lives. We each will have a unique path to walk and that too will fork and meander as our practice-lives evolve.
  • Finally, there is my own journey with walking, a pilgrimage that approaches fifty years. I hope to share how I've made my way along this wonderful Dharma-path, how I learned what Thich Nhat Hahn tells us - "peace is every step".
The Table of Contents and Preface are now available for you to explore where this journey takes you..

The Experience

Walk Like A Mountain also breaks a new trail in the study and exploration of walking practices. We want to hear your stories about your walking experiences, Buddhist or any faith, and we want to invite you to help create a whole new community of contemplative walkers.

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For more about Innen Parchelo or his sangha, Red Maple, visit their website.


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